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Many Aspects to Weight Management

We all know people who are trim and we think they just have a better metabolism or it’s just the luck of having good genes. Well, that’s only partly true. Our genetic makeup definitely influences our body type in many ways. It determines our height, bone structure, and can even be the cause of a predisposition towards a chunkier body. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have any choice about what to do about those factors. All the people I know who are trim are very mindful of what they eat. You remain trim by being careful about your choices and work to maintain your weight as a habit. It’s definitely easier to stay trim than to get trim. It’s a lifestyle commitment that gets easier as it becomes your new habit.


Factors Related To Body Types

There are many factors that contribute to our body type but even with those factors we still have the ability to create a trimmer body. We often see families that seem to have similar weight issues. Sometimes it’s the genetic factors but it’s also the cultural habits that are learned in a family. My weight loss clients often talk about the way they were raised and the way they ate as kids. I remind them that as adults they can make different choices and learn new eating habits. Regardless of body type or size excess fat comes from eating things that the body doesn’t need, doesn’t use and get stored as fat. Sometimes it’s the quantity and sometimes it’s the quality of food.

The emotional relationship with food is often a big factor. Food is often used as a drug for a quick fix to get pleasure or relieve stress in the moment, but it is short lived and the regret, guilt and disappointment quickly sets in.

If you’re serious about wanting to lose weight do what trim people do: eat to live, don’t live to eat, only eat until you’re satisfied and not until you’re full, only eat for nourishment which means be aware of the difference between food and edible substances, and limit junk to two bites; the first bite and the last bite. Junk food only makes fat but two bites will satisfy the desire for the flavor without interfering with your goal. Only eat to satisfy your actual hunger, eat until you’re satisfied and not full and find other ways to cope with stress.

Trim people are good examples of the long term effects of being mindful of what you choose to eat.

If you feel uncomfortable in your body because you’re carrying extra weight, change your relationship with your body and with food. You always have a choice. The long term results of healthy changes are worth the effort.

If you need help making those changes, Hypnosis is a very effective way to change habits

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