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EFT is a safe, natural way to overcome anxiety and depression

Meridian Tapping, or EFT is a healthy, natural way for people who feel depressed, tired, anxious, or sad get relief from these debilitating feelings and symptoms. EFT has helped thousands of people live a peaceful, joyful, and fulfilled life every day.

How did EFT get Started?

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique got its start in 1998. Developed by Stanford University Engineer Gary Craig, Meridian Tapping combines aspects of NPL (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with tapping on the body’s energy meridian points, which are the same points used in acupuncture. The idea behind EFT is that the cause of any emotional distress, and many physical problems, is a disruption or imbalance of the body’s energetic, or meridian, system. By correcting this imbalance the emotional or physical issue can be dealt with. Meridian Tapping is a treatment to correct the imbalance.

How does Meridian Tapping Work?

Energy flows through your body in meridians.  When there is a disruption in this flow of energy, it disrupts your body’s energy system .  It can result in negative emotions which lead to negative behavior and possibly even physical pain. Your subconscious mind, designed to comfort and protect you, often creates physical or emotional discomfort to warn you or motivate you to do something to take care of yourself.  Tapping is the use of acupressure on specific meridian points to change or unblock the energy. It is similar to the way you ‘reboot’ your computer.

How can I maintain my new found joy and comfort?

…Memorize the points to Tap. Focus on any emotional or physical problem by creating a statement of affirmation about the target of your Tapping.  Be specific about the emotion or discomfort in your life that you wish to eliminate. When necessary, be persistent until all aspects of the problem have vanished. Try it on everything!

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