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(203) 283-4567

(203) 283-4567

(203) 283-4567

(203) 283-4567

Train Your Mind Like Professional Athletes Do…Using Hypnosis!

Sometimes you don’t perform well under pressure but do very well in practice.
Remove those limiting beliefs with hypnosis by releasing them from your subconscious mind.
I can help you be your own coach and excel in your chosen sport! All hypnosis is Self Hypnosis…Learn to let go of those negative limiting thoughts that are holding you back!

Enjoy sports and competing like you never did before! Try hypnosis!

Athletes who have used hypnosis to improve performance include Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzey, Dorothy Hamill and Nolan Ryan. There are many others. 

Hypnosis can help you to..

  1. Break your performance plateaus.
  2. Increase your confidence ascending your game to new heights.
  3. Find and overcome your performance challenges.
  4. Discover the resources you need within yourself to excel at your sport. 
  5. Stay cool and calm under pressure 
  6. Train harder than you’ve ever trained before.

Want More Information?

Ask any questions you might have about hypnosis for sports performance including pricing and how many sessions you will need. Or simply request an appointment.

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