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Are you nervous about an upcoming surgery?
Are your thoughts about the surgery creating extra stress?
Are you having a hard tine dealing with the upcoming surgical procedure?

Hypnosis can teach you to relax and allow the experience of the surgical procedure to feel safe and comfortable.

How Can Hypnosis Help Me Before Surgery?

 No one wants surgery but we are living in a time when procedures are very effective and surgery can have very positive life changing results.  The state of your mind going into surgery can have an impact on your recovery. There is strong evidence that hypnosis can improve the results of surgery significantly in many ways.  Although there is always a risk with surgery, the majority happen without any negative results.  However, there is always some fear around an upcoming surgery. Using hypnosis, the patient can be taught to self hypnotize during, as well as, before surgery in order to make the experience a pleasant one.

I have seen many clients who have fears or phobias around surgical procedures, medical exams or needles.  With hypnosis, these clients have learned to have very neutral unemotional experiences throughout all these procedures.

The experts say numerous studies in medical journals have shown that people who prepare for surgery using hypnosis generally have fewer complications, heal faster and have less post-operative pain. Hypnosis will help you feel calm, relaxed and positive before, during and after surgery. Usually, the hypnosis therapy is geared toward making positive suggestions to your subconscious regarding your surgery and its outcome, as well as teaching you how to effectively manage pre-surgery stress.

I also teach my clients how to do self hypnosis, eliminating the need to keep returning for other issues they may experience.

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