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Can Hypnosis Help Me Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep?

  1. Are you having a hard time falling asleep?
  2. Are you having a difficult time staying asleep?
  3. Do you have racing thoughts at night
  4. Have you tried everything else to improve your sleep pattern?
  5. Are you using medication to sleep better?

Hypnotherapy for Sleep Problems

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, hypnosis can help you regain your sleep pattern to give you a restful night’s sleep.
Your conscious mind sleeps, your unconscious mind never sleeps, that’s why you dream.  When your conscious mind is thinking instead of sleeping, you feel like you can’t sleep and can’t control your thoughts.  You are the author of your thoughts and you can control them.  You can turn off those thoughts using self hypnosis.

How it works

If you are reading this, you qualify as a sleep resister…soon to be sleep successor!

Tips for successful, sound and lasting sleep:

  1. Decide which side is your “sleep side” left side, back or right side (if you are a stomach sleeper, consult a chiropractor immediately for your back pain and damage to your spine!)  Before you go to sleep tell yourself, and imagine and picture yourself on the sleep side. Tell yourself, if you wake up, as soon as you turn to your “sleep side” you will immediately go back to sleep.
  2. Do not go to bed until you are really sleepy. Do something boring before bed. 3. Avoid caffeine after 2 pm
  3. Eat healthy, nutritious food cutting out sugar processed food  and caffeine as much as possible
  4. Never eat within 3 hours of going to sleep
  5. Foods containing tryptophan include bananas, mangoes, milk, yogurt, chicken and turkey
  6. Develop an exercise habit. It can be fun but must be for at least 15 min. a day and not within 3 hours of going to sleep
  7. Practice feeling drowsy, recall the feeling and imagine and relive that feeling
  8. Ask your unconscious mind for help with a goal…the last thing you think about is what you want to accomplish and use positive terms.
  9. Pay attention to your self talk  many people convince themselves they are insomniacs and can’t sleep…even though you have had trouble sleeping yesterday, your past is not your present or your future. Repeat instead…”I can’t stay awake…I can’t stay awake”
  10. Use the power you have over your mind and thoughts by using visualization to think about or recall a wonderful relaxing vacation or other relaxing time using all the senses you have…certain thoughts create chemicals in your body that keep you awake. When you recall difficulty sleeping, that becomes the movie you play in your mind and you get what you expect
  11. Relax your whole body and mind using progressive relaxation. Begin at the top of your head, relaxing every part of your body.
  12. Calm your mind with meaningless non the color blue…
  13. Sort out your thoughts before going to sleep. Write down anything you need to remember for the next day
  14. If you have a nagging thought or problem, step back and see what you can learn from it..what is the lesson that can help you in the future. Imagine seeing yourself moving back from the problem causing more and more distance watching the problem become smaller and smaller….

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