Irritable, angry, sad, or depressed?

Depression can be helped with hypnosis

Understand Moods

There’re so many different ways to label negative feelings. Each has a different definition and evokes a unique way of experiencing it in the mind and body. Every emotion has a corresponding physical expression that includes, but is not limited to, elevated blood pressure, stomach pain, neck or back pain or even headaches. Because of the mind/body connection, the physical stress on the body caused by negative feelings can have long range and lasting health consequences. You don’t have to be a victim of your own feelings.

There is an article posted on the NPR website that says that scientists are finding a connection between irritability, anger and depression. They have made the connection that opens the possibility of another way to use medication for people who didn’t realize their anger and irritability could be depression.

I have successfully worked with many clients who have unresolved anger from childhood experiences. Anger affects every aspect of your life. Feeling depressed is a result of holding on to negative feelings. Hypnosis, meridian tapping and Neural Linguistic Programming are all tools that I use to alleviate negative feelings of all kinds. Although medication can benefit people who suffer from a variety serious mental health issues, there are also several alternatives that can be used effectively to get the desired results. Alternative approaches are a good place to start.  Pharmaceuticals are always an option if alternative approaches are unsuccessful.  There is extensive research documenting positive results supporting hypnosis and meridian tapping  for learning to cope with and resolve negative emotional feelings.

I have professional relationships with many medical doctors who refer their patients to me as a first choice to deal with unresolved emotions. Hypnosis is widely used and respected in the medical community but there are still so many who are uninformed about options for alternative help and therefore suffer needlessly.

Hypnosis is the most effective way to change your mood

Learning to use hypnosis can empower you to understand the root cause of unwanted negative feelings and teach you to reframe your thoughts to neutralize those negative feelings.

I recently worked with someone who has a very stressful job and felt anxious every day at work. The feelings were related to their past childhood experiences but were exacerbated by her boss. We were able to resolve those issues from the past, which neutralized the effect her job on her life. It didn’t change the situation but it changed the way it affected her. Her stress was reduced to a very manageable level. She was able to function well at work comfortably.

Negative feelings are normal but they don’t have to define your life or your relationships. Take control of your thoughts that create those feelings that dictate your behaviors. You can take back control of your life!  All the resources you need to feel better are already inside of you!

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