Hypnosis For Childbirth

As I watch a TV show that portrays a woman giving birth as a screaming woman in labor, I feel compelled to share my latest passion in the world of hypnosis. I’m excited to share with you the idea and process of childbirth with hypnosis. Without becoming too technical, I will share with you the idea behind using hypnosis for preparing for childbirth.

Giving birth is a natural process that all the creatures on earth have in common. If you have ever witnessed your pet give birth, you may recall the complete absence of indications that it is a torturous experience.  Animals just prepare by creating a comfortable place to give birth, get into a comfortable position and wait for their body to do the rest. Although you may have heard an animal in pain make painful sounds, you never hear it during the birth process.  Humans are the only animals that get into a really uncomfortable position if the doctor or hospital is in charge. They enter the process with a fear that has been programmed into their mind with every Hollywood movie birth they have ever seen. Fear is the cause of most of the pain of child birth. Although giving birth can be uncomfortable, the more fear a woman has the more pain she feels. That’s how hypnosis makes a big difference

I will describe a few of the many reasons to use hypnosis for birth. First I should mention there have been many books written and classes taught on the subject. There are even free classes available on Youtube. Although the specifics may vary, the principles are the same. Planning to use hypnosis to give birth begins months before the birth and should include both partners involved with the birth.  Because the uterus is made up of a series of muscle fibers that automatically contract to expel the baby from the body, if a woman feels fear she will tighten those muscles, restricting blood flow and causing pain.  If the mother learns and practices relaxation and self hypnosis techniques, as well as learning about the process of birth as a natural process, the fear is removed and the body can do what it was designed to do.

According to the Mongan method of hypnobirthing the six main components are: Education, Relaxation, Deepening, Visualizations, Breathing and Affirmations.

These components are taught many weeks before the birth for the Mom to learn how to breathe during different aspects of the process of labor and delivery. The Mom, with the support of her partner also practices relaxation and positive affirmations about the birth process. As the mom practices self hypnosis, the partner learns how to coach her to relax using gentle massage techniques and signals for relaxation.

It is truly a joint effort that puts the power of choice with the parents often requiring minimal intervention from the medical community. The process of learning hypnosis during the last trimester enhances the bond between the parents and the unborn baby. When the mom is calm the baby is calm. When the mom is confident and prepared with relaxation skills, she often experiences a shorter labor and more comfortable birth process. I am currently coaching my first Mom in hypnosis to help make her first birth a wonderful experience.

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