Pain Relief Using The Power of Your Mind

There are many different kinds of pain. Pain is felt physically, emotionally and psychologically and most often cannot be separated. There is a very strong mind body connection and that is why it’s easier than you would imagine to reduce pain using nothing more than the power of your mind.

There is still so much not known about the science of the mind, but what is known is powerful enough to help you use it to make major changes in the quality of your life.  Although my perspective as a hypnotist may differ from other health professionals, all the techniques I use with my clients successfully improve the quality of their life. These techniques can be used by anyone who chooses to take back control over the way they feel.  I recently heard a quote that really stuck with me; “You can’t change the cards you are dealt, but you can control the way you play them!” I cannot change your life but I can help you change the way you feel about it. I can help you change the way you allow things to affect you and I can teach you how to reduce the pain or discomfort that you suffer with.

The science of pain is related to the sensory neurons in your body and the messages they send to your brain.  Then, there is the way your brain responds to the messages. Often your brain plays tricks on you. You may not have heard of ‘phantom pain’ but it occurs in people who have lost a limb but still feel the pain as though the limb is still there. That may seem strange to you but it should help you to understand that pain is not only about the injury or pain source but about the way your mind responds to it or perceives it.

I had a client who was 3 months past a surgery on her hand but she could still not use her fingers the way she should have been able to. A quick technique I used on her immediately brought all the function back to her fingers. She thought it was a miracle! She gave me credit for fixing her fingers but the surgery fixed the fingers. Her brain just didn’t know it! I was able to help her brain remember the way her fingers worked before the injury. Cells have memory and that memory often remains after surgery should have made changes.

I have written often about Meridian Tapping and my favorite thing about it is that it works 100% of the time and it works immediately. Meridian Tapping is a very effective way to reduce or eliminate discomfort.  Because much of our physical discomfort has emotional or psychological causes, focusing on the emotion associated with the discomfort and addressing that can eliminate the need for the pain. Remember, pain is your mind and body’s way to signal you that there is a problem. Sometimes the problem is completely unrelated to the way it is manifested in the body. Much digestive discomfort, muscle or nerve pain is related to holding on to old negative feelings.  There is often nothing physically wrong with the body but the pain is severe. Emotional pain can create physical problems in the body. Fibromyalgiais a good example of this. All stress related problems can manifest themselves physically in the body and be felt as physical pain. People get angry when their medical doctor cannot find anything wrong but in my world it is very common.

There are many hypnosis and mindfulness techniques that can help you manage physical and emotional pain if you are willing to take the necessary steps to face those issues you have been ignoring or thought you already coped with

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