You Are Being Hypnotized By Politicians And The Media

Hypnosis is not only for therapy to help change bad habits and unwanted negative thoughts, hypnosis is used covertly to get you to believe things that someone wants you to believe to have power over you or your thoughts.  In his book, Gustave Le Bon in The Crowd: A Study of The Popular Mind, his study of political hypnosis, published in 1897, shows the power of repetition of an idea on a crowd of unsuspecting observers.  Hitler used the technique in his speeches constantly saying “Jew” while instilling fears about the future. Milton Erikson, often known as the father of modern hypnosis, created a hypnosis technique that uses mental confusion to get a desired result. George Bush used both of these techniques when he said; “Sadam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.” No one knew what they were but it created fear that accomplished the desired result, popular support for invading Iraq.

When fear is invoked, the conscious mind becomes overwhelmed and zones out while the unconscious mind prepares to protect using the “fight or flight” response and we all feel anxious and uncomfortable. This state makes us more susceptible to more emotional statements about how someone else can “fix” the problem. Hitler came up with the “final solution for Germany’s problems using fear as his tool to gain popular support. Unemployment and food shortages in those times helped him to manipulate people easily. He successfully by-passed the critical factor in the minds of people and turned off the rational thinking. This is in fact, what our politicians and some news media talking heads do regularly.

Professional politicians are trained in, and use techniques of hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming in their speeches and the delivery of those speeches.  This is only made worse by the media who have become the bearer of bad news and fear.  Look what they did with the Ebola issue: Even though there were very few casualties in this country, the fear and the blame began.  It must be Obama’s fault for not protecting our citizens.  “They” want to blame Obama because it is close to election time and with enough fear, some people can be made to believe anything, as long as it is repeated often enough.

Hypnosis is a very powerful and effective tool when used with the knowledge of the participant but the unsuspecting people of our country are being manipulated with the same techniques in a way that is underhanded and unethical.

How can you protect yourself from being manipulated? Be ‘consciously’ aware of the facts that are being presented. Don’t confuse questions of ‘what if’ or someone’s opinion with facts.  Always ask yourself, “Is that fact or opinion?” What is the source of their facts?”  What is the motive of the speaker in telling you this information?”

Always question what you hear and if you feel nervous or threatened, take a deep breath and remind yourself, “its only a thought” and you can always change that thought to something more comfortable.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and you have the ultimate power over what you choose to believe or think about. However, this is only true if you remain consciously aware of being vulnerable and choose to use your power.

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