Hypnosis For Back to School Stress

Who is more stressed about the issue of going back to school, parents or kids?
Parents naturally have the stress of the expenses that include school supplies, clothes, sneakers, technology and the list goes on. The additional stress relates to worrying about your child being comfortable, confident, getting the best teacher, being liked and feeling safe at school. When parents worry, kids sense it and it reinforces their fears.  Parents can begin by projecting positive attitudes about school, focusing on new beginnings even if you have to “fake it till you make it.”  Danger is real but fear is optional. Fear and worry can create the exact situation you want to avoid by focusing on negative thoughts.  The mind is very powerful and can be used to create a new reality and new beliefs.

Each year I hear about more and more kids who don’t want to go to school out of fear of not fitting in, not being good enough or of being bullied.  These fears come from somewhere but they are based on past experiences and beliefs that don’t need to continue. A belief is just a thought that gets repeated over and over again; the reality of it is irrelevant.  Parents feel helpless and don’t know how to respond.  All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and it would be helpful for parents and children to learn self-hypnosis.  All the negative thoughts and negative self-talk work like self-hypnosis in perpetuating the same negative feelings and fears.  Positive thoughts are empowering.

As a former teacher I remember how excited I was to meet my new classes in September and I noticed how kids changed and matured over the summer. I always started with a clean slate with each one. Keeping an open mind and positive attitude by expecting the best made a difference in how I appeared to my students. Although it is a simple concept, it’s not always easy to do.

Hypnosis is something that is misunderstood by the average person, but is really a natural state that everyone enters every day.  It is a slowing down of the brain waves through relaxation that leaves the mind open for learning and making changes. Night time is the best time for using positive affirmations with your child as they are naturally in a state of hypnosis by being in that near sleep, relaxed state.  There is an art and a science to presenting positive affirmations to your child and I would be happy to discuss it with anyone who calls to inquire about it.  One of the common myths of hypnosis is that one loses control during the process.  This is one reason why learning self-hypnosis is empowering. One can learn to use the science of the mind to remove negative thoughts and fears.  Children can benefit from learning self-hypnosis and can improve emotional wellness as well as improving academic and sports performance.
When you are ready to take control over your negative thoughts and find your power in positive thinking, consider learning self-hypnosis.

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