Tap Away Emotional Baggage?

If you have tried EVERYTHING else to get relief from those negative emotions and the physical discomfort they have created, it’s time to tapthose old feelings away. If you haven’t already heard about the amazing phenomenon of ‘tapping’, let me be the first to enlighten you! Although tapping is not new, it is only beginning to find its way into the mainstream of health and wellness modalities. Tapping, also known as EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, has been one of the modalities used by hypnotists for a very long time. It is now also being used by therapists of all kinds, including chiropractors.
 Why, because it works! It works on emotional, as well as, physical issues with amazing success. It is something you learn to do and then independently continue to enjoy its benefits.
So, what exactly is this EFT and how and why does it work? The theory that supports EFT is based on the Chinese system of Health that states that energy flows through our bodies along pathways called meridians. If the energy is blocked or disturbed for any reason, ranging from stress and trauma, to bacteria and toxins, it creates dis-ease which can evolve into disease at worst and negative feelings, at best. The Chinese use needles, massage and herbs to unblock or move the energy. Tapping is an acupressure technique that mimics those processes. EFT is a process that uses gentle tapping on the ends of specific meridians to alter the energy of the body. It is a process similar to rebooting your computer. The process is a combination of verbal statements and physical tapping. I have successfully used this technique with children who had nightmares and anxiety, as well as adults with migraines and emotional or physical distress of all kinds.
As a certified hypnotist and coach, I am dedicated to helping clients become their personal best and I always use the most effective technique to accomplish that end. I use EFT, however, with almost every client because it is effective in most situations. The results are always immediate. The issue to work on is measured on a scale of 1-10 of intensity and then measured again after tapping. It is the only therapy I know that has the benefit of immediate relief
You may wonder how you can use EFT. First observe where you are in your life. Look at the chronic physical or emotional discomfort you may feel in your body. Most people convert emotional distress into physical distress and don’t know how to release it… Listen to your self – talk, if it is negative, you can also change that with EFT.
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