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Avoid Winter Blahs and Stay Healthy

Focus On The Positive
Every Day Is A New Day

Create Your Own Sunshine

Now that the winter has officially arrived, many of my clients begin to stay indoors more often and feel stuck and unproductive.  This often creates a lot of unnecessary stress. New Year Resolutions are a nice idea but they seem to fizzle out by mid January. There are many ways to use the winter months to regroup, reorganize and become your best self!  Some turn to food for comfort, which puts on more padding but not the kind that keeps them warm or makes them feel comfortable!

Tips To Stay Positive

One great way to handle the weather is to find a volunteer opportunity. Something you would not normally do but knowing that there are many senior citizens in our community who may need help during the winter can be motivating  and volunteering warms the heart and soul!

Another way to spend the indoor time is to de-clutter your home.  Living in a cluttered environment creates dis-ease and negative emotions. Use the time to go through closets and drawers and donate unneeded stuff to any of our local places.

Find healthy new recipes to enjoy while focusing on becoming healthier.  Food is for nourishment and when you discover how tasty healthy food can be with a little creativity you are less like to turn to junk.

Practice relaxing and focusing on the positive things in your life as positive thoughts create positive feelings. Surround yourself with pictures of your loved ones as it increases immune function to feel good and a healthy immune system prevents you from succumbing to the illnesses that creep up in winter. Take an exercise or yoga class that forces you get out and move. It is important to find ways to keep moving to avoid putting on extra pounds and also increases immune functioning.

Focus on becoming healthier mentally, physically and emotionally by setting measurable goals each day.  Take one day at a time and make each day enjoyable even in simple small ways. There are many ways you can improve yourself by first identifying those areas that have making you feel less than your best. Identifying the problem is the beginning of eliminating it.  Sometimes we can’t identify what is bothering us. Sometimes it is a feeling of blah that seems unrelated to anything.

Be Aware Of Unwanted Thoughts And Feelings

Those blah feelings can be the result of eating too much junk, not getting enough exercise, not getting good quality sleep or having unresolved anger inside.  Allow yourself down time to identify what is really going on inside. Often it is so old that you become used to feeling lousy. There is reason to keep that mental habit. When you learn to listen to your inner voice you can begin to make the changes you need. Old unresolved anger and grudges way you down and even though you cannot change the past, you can change the way you allow it to affect you.

Because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, you can begin to use the power of your mind to create the attitude and life you want.  If not now, when?

Begin with 2 lists…Those things you feel good about and then those things you want to feel good about.  It gets easier from there!

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