Tap Away Emotional Baggage – As Heard on Dr. Oz!

Dr. Oz has become an icon of health and wellness.  Even though he is a traditional medical doctor, he is always open to new and innovative approaches to wellness. He has hosted many different practitioners including hypnotists, raising awareness of the public to choices they have to take control of their own wellness.  Recently his show introduced Meridian Tapping to his audience.

If you haven’t already heard about the amazing phenomenon of ‘Meridian Tapping’, also known as EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, named by Gary Craig, let me be the first to enlighten you! Although tapping is not new, it is only beginning to find its way into the mainstream and Dr. Oz has brought it to prime time!

Nick Ortner, a Newtown resident and the author of the Tapping Solution, a new NY Times bestseller, has recently been a guest on the Dr. Oz show.

So, what exactly is this EFT or Meridian Tapping, how and why does it work? The theory that supports EFT is based on the Chinese system of Medicine that states that energy flows through our bodies along pathways called meridians. If the energy through these meridians is blocked or disturbed for any reason, ranging from stress and trauma, to bacteria or toxins, it creates dis-ease. This can evolve into disease at worst, or negative feelings, at best. The Chinese use needles, massage and herbs to unblock or move  energy. Tapping is an acupressure technique that mimics those results. It is a process that uses gentle tapping on the ends of specific meridians to alter the energy of the body.  The immediate result of moving the energy is a relief from the discomfort. The process is a combination of verbal statements and physical tapping. I have successfully used this technique with children suffering from a variety of issues ranging from nightmares to anxiety. I have successfully worked with adults for conditions ranging from migraines and food cravings to anxiety and insomnia.

As a certified hypnotist and coach, I am dedicated to helping clients become their personal best and I always use the most effective technique to accomplish that end.  I use Tapping with almost every client, as part of their therapy because it is so effective.

You may wonder how you can use learn to use Tapping. It is very easy and can be done anywhere! First, you need to observe the emotion you want to change. The issue to work on is measured on a scale of 1-10 in intensity and then measured again after tapping. You need to continue tapping until you reach your desired level of intensity. There are a few parts to the process and you can email or call me for the steps or you can go to YouTube and find many guides. Here is an explanation on YouTube by Gary Craig that will briefly explain the medical research that has supported the theory behind tapping: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFKVVP8KXd4

  Most people convert emotional distress into physical ailments and don’t know how to release it or change it. Negative thoughts create negative feelings and the effect on health is also negative. By using the Tapping technique negative thoughts are released and the negative feelings become neutralized. It also works very well on physical discomfort, cravings, fears or pain.

 So, before you resort to drugs to deal with emotional problems, learn to use Meridian Tapping to tap away that old baggage.

Fern Tausig is a Certified Hypnotist and Master Trainer and offers workshops to learn Tapping or EFT for both groups and individuals.

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