Legalized Vaping: A Crime Against Humanity?

The older I get the more jaded I become about the role of the FDA in protecting the health and wellness of our country from unscrupulous business opportunists who will sell anything that can make them a buck, regardless of the effect on the users. Cigarettes have warnings on them, as do diet soda and many other products, but because they are legal, people believe somehow that they are safe. How does something that transports foreign microscopic substances into the lungs get to be acceptable to sell to the public? How do they get to brainwash health professionals that it is ok?


Many health professionals have touted Juul and other e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to smoking, but the evidence suggests something very different. It reminds me of the phrase, ‘Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.’ Smoking kills but it takes many years and for some reason they are still legal. Vaping can cause popcorn lung, respiratory illness, seizures and death. E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that produce doses of vaporized substances that the users inhale. There have already been many hospitalizations and deaths directed related to vaping. This article is not just more doom and gloom about the vaping problem, but a real answer to how to stop the habit if there is a desire to stop.


I have already treated a number of clients for this vaping issue and the success rate so far is 100%. Each person was motivated, and recently the fear of death has increased this motivation. Peer pressure is very powerful and young people are particularly vulnerable.  In one nearby town, it was reported to me that one entire sports team was vaping and the pressure to new members to do it was so intense that this young person quit the team. He didn’t want to feel alienated from his team members so it was easier to quit.


Hypnosis is the fastest and most reliable way to eliminate the vaping habit. Teens are afraid and embarrassed to admit when they get sick that the cause of their illness is vaping. One teen I know of died because when he was sick and would not inform the doctors or his parents that he was vaping.


E-cigarettes are also used with THC and marijuana. Dab sticks are a form of e-cigarette that are used with THC and can cause psychotic breaks in the brain and anxious feelings before the actual break. Kids believe if they smoke more, it will relieve their anxiety when in fact it actually makes it worse. Hypnosis is highly effective in stopping this habit as long as the participant is willing to stop. People come to me after trying all the other prescription drugs, patches, gum and feel desperate as nothing worked for them.



In all the reports I’ve heard about vaping it is getting more serious as more people are doing it.  It is being promoted as being as addictive as smoking and hypnosis is the most effective way to eliminate the smoking craving also.  Knowing that it’s not hopeless, knowing that hypnosis can help to eliminate the desire or craving for vaping can bring peace of mind. It is not always done in one session but it is the most effective method, in my experience.

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