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Holy moly, you did it again. I am so glad that I attended your session on Thursday. For me, you nailed it. I used to 😉walk around always with such a feeling of burden and internal pressure. I couldn’t put it into words or put my finger on it to be able to ask how to relieve that feeling especially because I knew it was coming from many different directions. Well you nailed it! Your session seemed to clarify it, your analogy was spot on, and the session really offered me the relief/guidance that I so needed to hear, without having to try to struggle to identify what was the cause of the pressure that I used to feel all of the time. I do feel a definite relief as though a huge burden has been lifted.. I feel clarity and I feel better!! Also the discussion about the 4 agreements was perfect!! So again, thank you again Fern for helping me.



Um….can we say miracle worker??? I wish you could have seen him play in his tournament this weekend….he was calm and collected and played all four matches the best I have ever seen him play. I just don’t know what you do!!!
Well Done!!!!!!  xo

ET, Fairfield, CT


Hi Fern!

YOU are the ONLY one who’s been able to help me! In ALL the years of one-on-one counseling, and the 3 medications I wish I could go off, but won’t…..having you do hypnosis feels sooooooo healing! I feel so much better! I feel less anxious, not as ‘serious’, and when I left your house my poor neck actually turned quite a bit from side to side – it felt looser and NO PAIN! The pain is back in my neck & back and all the places I’v had surgeries (Osteo-arthritis), but isn’t as bad!  I am actually feeling “happiness” in my heart – and I forgot what that felt like!!   This is wonderful!   I want to not let pain or growing older make me sad or depressed…

LT Milford, CT



Thank you so much for a wonderful class, I enjoyed the class very much.  I stopped drinking soda and I don’t miss it.

BC Shelton, CT


So after our session I felt like a big weight had been taken off my shoulder. To be honest, for once in my life things made sense (about why I felt so scared/anxious and alone at times) and I don’t feel that overhanging anxiety and worry anymore. After reflecting more, I am able to see how things in this life related back to the way my life ended and the anxiety I felt in my precious life – it all makes sense now! I always thought that is was ALL because of the trauma I went through as a baby. Obviously some of it is attributed to that – but now like I said, I am less scared and I find myself worrying less. Which is awesome! Its amazing how one session can do so much! As far as my test, I am ready to pass! I don’t feel the anxiety as I felt in the past! I did start to get a little overwhelmed the other day, but I started to do some tapping and it was soon released. Thanks for your help!! You’re great at what you do!
– EG – Wallingford CT

I’m doing very well!! I have not gone to get my ears pierced yet, I am still a little nervous about it but not nearly as much as before.  I’m very excited however because I saw someone get a shot on a TV show yesterday and did not freak out!! People mentioning shots or blood in the past couple days has not bothered me nearly as much as it used to, but I don’t know for sure yet how I’ll handle getting one. I don’t feel as panicked about it and am calm thinking about it, however, I definitely still would not consider them pleasant. Thank you!!!
– ND- Guilford C

I went to Fern for a fear I had of needles and giving blood. It was a problem I have had for a very long time. After a few sessions with Fern, I was able to get blood work done without a second thought! I am so grateful to Fern for helping me overcome this phobia.”
– JM

Thanks for helping me sort things out.  My recent public speaking and presentation went well, felt very comfortable.  Will continue with the self hypnosis …
– DB

Great presentation on Monday! The staff enjoyed the program and have made it a point to tell me they are using the breathing techniques and tapping to help them stay centered and balanced. A happy staff is a productive staff!…

Fern has done for me what I couldn’t accomplish my whole adult life. Fern would say that I did it myself…that she was here just to facilitate it happening. I have a long history of losing weight on various formal regimens and then gaining it back quickly. This yoyo-ing was damaging to my self esteem and my wardrobe.

Fern has hypnotized me a number of times over these last few years, some sessions were more beneficial than others. The first session had a profound effect on me. I immediately developed a normal relationship with food and quickly lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks.  After that I struggled again and subsequent hypnosis sessions had varying benefits both large and small.

Five months ago, in a group hypnosis session, I responded immediately to Fern’s suggestions. I knew something was different the following day when a number of times I went to the kitchen cabinet to grab something to eat, but then I would look at the food and say to myself, “What am I doing?—I don’t even want this”. I then returned it to the pantry. Eventually I stopped going to the pantry and now I hardly think
about food between meals.

Without craving food continually throughout each day I am more focused on my daily tasks and less anxious. I quickly lost 20 pounds and have been maintaining that loss for a couple of months. Thank you Fern. I’m so happy you went into this field and I wish you continued success.
– RR Orange, CT 

I had to get a biopsy on my lung, I was nervous and scared and dwelling on it every waking hour. I called Healing Hypnosis and talked to Fern who gave me 40 min. of her time on the phone. You don’t find people giving up time like that but she showed me she was compassionate about her work. I went to see her for a hypnosis session which turned out to be an excellent choice. With her soft and gentle voice I was so relaxed and calm the for rest of the days before my biopsy test, which turned out to be negative. …Fern for your compassion I am truly thankful.
– Mike, Milford, CT

I went to Fern for hypnosis to lose weight after trying every diet that ever existed. I had a sweet tooth and seemed to be addicted to carbs. I was very stressed at work and found I was nibbling all day. After the first session, I noticed I would sometimes forget to eat and stopped craving anything!! I lost 10 pounds and finally feel normal around food!

We are now producing evidence showing hypnosis can be significantly therapeutic… Studies have shown it to be highly effective as a tool for certain kinds of habit control… Hypnosis is safer than virtually any medication any of us doctors use.”
– David Spiegel, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine

Before hypnosis, I was really stuck and depressed, gaining weight and sleeping all the time. Since hypnosis, I’ve felt markedly different. From the moment I came out of it, Ive had a smile on my face! I started back at the gym and eating better. I have lost 6 pounds in one week! I’m on the road to happiness!
– LT, Orange, CT

When Fern hypnotized me, I had been a heavy smoker for nine years. Not only was the experience of being hypnotized relaxing and refreshing, I haven’t gone back to smoking and it has been 6 months! I have the hypnotism and Fern to thank for my new lease on life.
– GH from Bridgeport, CT

Before hypnotism I was a pack-a-day smoker with poor physical health. I suffered from lack of exercising, over eating, and shortness of breath. The techniques Fern used truly turned my life and my attitude around. I no longer smoke and am a happier and healthier than I have been in a long time!
– EH from NY, NY

I was afraid to fly…I did it but the anxiety was unbearable. After being hypnotized by Fern I was able to travel in comfort!! I am so grateful for being able to enjoy my vacations!
– PG, Stratford, CT

Hypnosis has improved my self-confidence and put a smile on my face. Fern helped me to be consciously aware of what I am eating. I have lost 10 lbs in the last 6 weeks and I can actually say that it wasn’t difficult and that I didn’t work out. I am just in a different mindset now and I do not crave food. I tend to be a skeptical person, but I am now an advocate of the power of hypnosis.
– DM, Shelton, CT


My Healing Hypnosis