Does Everyone Have a Past Life?

That is the million dollar question. The best answer is that it doesn’t really matter. There are many hypnotists who do Past Life Regression therapy and really don’t even belief in past lives. The therapeutic value is the same whether the client or the hypnotist believes in past lives. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter if you really have one or not. PLR therapy is a very effective way to get to the root cause of many unexplained emotional problems. I have had many experiences with past life regression that occurred spontaneously during a session and proved to be very effective relieving the problem that was presented by the client. The following is quoted from Dr. Norton Berkowitz PhD and hypnotist: “Past Life Regression, along with Life Memory Recall and Guided Light Therapy, makes a powerful healing modality. One that can easily and rapidly improve and eliminate many illnesses and diseases. Our past, in this life and past lives, affects the life we are living today.” “Most of our illnesses, both physical and physiological, are brought on from incidences and trauma which occurred in our past. Once we find the problem from the past that is presently affecting us, and release it through a gentle hypnotic session(s), the illness is resolved and disappears. Does it stay away? Yes, it does.” “As an example, in a small research project with asthma, we found that asthma disappeared in 3 to 6 sessions. Peak flows would go from 200-250 with medication, to 500 and above without medication.”

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