There are 20 questions in total.

1. Are you able to follow directions?
2. Have you ever zoned out during a meeting or lecture?
3. Can you imagine yourself as one of the characters in a movie?
4. Can you imagine the sound of a train whistle blowing?
5. Have you ever driven in a car and the time seemed to fly by?
6. Can you wake up from sleeping get a drink and go right back to sleep?
7. If you walked past a crowd and everyone was looking up would you look up?
8. Have you ever ‘rested your eyes’ while watching TV and didn’t go to bed?
9. Are you able to meditate?
10. Have you ever been so caught up in a good book and couldn’t put it down?
11. While listening to an old song can you remember who where you were when you heard it?
12. Have you ever cried or been frightened watching a movie?
13. Did you ever lose time while doing something enjoyable?
14. Did you ever begin to yawn after seeing someone else yawning?
15. Do you shudder when thinking about scraping nails on a blackboard?
16. Does your mouth water when you think of biting into a juicy lemon?
17. Have you ever bought a bag of popcorn impulsively after smelling it?
18. When someone says they feel warm, do you begin to feel warm also?
19. Do you tune someone out if they are speaking in a monotone?
20. If someone talks about a fear that you too have experienced, do you get a nervous feeling also?

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