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Control Pain with Hypnosis

Pain Management Begins Here

Fern Tausig has a special certification in pain management.

Have you ever noticed that you don't notice or feel your pain when you are busy? Have you noticed that you are most uncomfortable when you are sitting, doing nothing? The pain is always there, you just don't notice or feel at those times your mind is focused on something else. That is why hypnosis is so effective in teaching you how to control your mind to avoid feeling the pain whenever you want. You can learn how to reduce the pain, dial it down, in a manner of speaking, to a level where it is manageable.
At Healing Hypnosis pain management is done with a variety of techniques including EFT and NLP and hypnosis.  

Tips for reducing pain:
     1.  Begin by focusing on the pain and give it a number of discomfort from 0-10.  Decide which number you want it to be.
     2.  Take a long, slow deep breath in through your nose and our through your mouth, slowly exhaling also. Make it as deep as you can. It                  may take a little practice to learn this kind
           of breathing but it is important.  Put your hand on your belly and force your belly to push your hand out as you breathe in.  This is
           how you know you are doing it properly.
     3.  Use your mind-body connection to breathe the air into the area of discomfort, surrounding the area with air.
     4.  Focus on the number of discomfort as though it is on a dial and with each breath out, turn down the dial.  Feel the comfort growing as
          the discomfort gets smaller and weaker.
     5.  Continue the process as you observe every nerve and muscle in your body relax more with each breath.  Discomfort is greatly reduced           when you relax.  Use this relaxation exercise as often as is necessary to feel better.

Stop suffering with chronic pain! Learn to manage and reduce your discomfort using  this and other hypnosis techniques.



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