HypnoCoaching is the most effective and affordable path towards your goals.

In Ancient China there was a saying:“May you live in interesting times.” It was considered to be as much a curse as anything. But sometimes the most difficult times are the most interesting and often the most rewarding. They challenge us, they test us, and occasionally they can even bring out the best in us. It all depends on how you choose to see your challenges.  The times we are living in are nothing if not interesting. Interesting, however, can also feel overwhelming, confusing, paralyzing…and even stuck! We have so many decisions to make and we perceive that we have either too many, or not enough choices.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an objective partner to guide you through your interesting times? Wouldn’t you like a nonjudgmental skilled partner to help you to clarify your goals and challenges? Traditional therapy used to be the only option. But in 2019 you have a better, more effective choice. Most traditional therapies focus on one problem area or issue at a time. They also primarily focus on the past and analyzing the cause of the problem.  Ten years ago using a life coach was barely an option. Now life coaching has evolved to a whole new art form that includes hypnosis.  HypnoCoaching is the most direct way to move your life forward to the next level.  We all have challenges in our lives where we feel temporarily unable to think clearly, make decisions, unable to find the energy to feel satisfied or feel joy. We just feel stuck!

Coaching focuses on the client from the present and emphasizes moving forward.  Coaching does not diagnose, treat or cure mental or emotional problems and is not a substitute for other professional help. Coaching works with the client as a whole being and helps you regain control of your life. No one would consider taking up a sport without using a coach to learn the skills, strategies and rules of the game to perform to the best of their ability. Life can be seen as a similar challenge sometimes. You want help to develop and refine your best life skills to compete and excel in your world to reach your goals. Unlike sports, the rules and goals keep changing, requiring new strategies and different kinds of strengths to move forward.

The blending of hypnosis, life coaching skills and neuro-linguistic tools help you to achieve more than you ever thought possible. The results are easier, quicker and more effective than personal coaching alone. It is the best remedy for feeling stuck! HypnoCoaching includes the use of both conscious and subconscious processes to help you transform your dreams into reality. The process includes helping you clarify your goals, creating action plans and commitments and overcoming obstacles. You will actually move forward toward achieving and fulfilling the life of your choice.

Often the HypnoCoach’s most challenging task is to help you imagine and define what your fulfilled life looks like.

HypnoCoaching is more affordable than both traditional hypnosis and traditional therapy. HypnoCoaching is done on the PHONE, except when a face-to-face hypnosis session is needed.

You don’t need to leave your home; you just need to make time, usually 30 minutes a week. Hypnosis CD’s are created for you and provided as part of the service. HypnoCoaching is appropriate for anyone who has experienced the inability to feel satisfied in his or her life, anyone in transition, or anyone who recognizes that what he or she have been doing so far to manage their life is not working for them. For a free phone consult, or for any questions about HypnoCoaching, call me at 203 283 4567 or email me at myHealingHypnosis@gmail.com

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