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Thursday, February 28 2019

This is a question I get very often; what is the earliest age that a child can be to benefit from hypnosis? The answer is simple. If a child can follow directions they can be hypnotized. Children are excellent subjects because they don’t have the trust issues and skepticism that adults often have. They have wonderful imaginations and that is an essential part of being a good subject.

I have worked with children on many issues and the most important part is that children often have issues for many years before anyone notices or takes them seriously. Most often children’s issues are just written off to growing pains or just part of growing up. Imagine how great it would have been if your parents helped you resolve your issues before they got out of hand? Children suffer from anxiety and nervousness and often manifest those behaviors by wetting the bed or being violent or shying away from new situations. The two major causes of anxiety that I have seen are witnessing mom and dad fighting, even loud arguing, and the first time the child was left at nursery school or daycare. The interesting part of this is that they don’t realize they are anxious from those things until they are adolescents or adults. The anxiety manifests itself in a variety of ways but when someone is tired of feeling anxious and out of control they seek help. Often anxious children have learned the anxious behaviors from their parents. Parents who are over protective or big worriers inadvertently teach those habits to children who then worry about everything! Children would be better served, in my opinion by learning coping skills in the event that something unpleasant happens so that they don’t need to worry because they have the confidence they can handle whatever situation they are faced with. It’s better than just dreading the possibility that something might happen, because it usually doesn’t.

The sooner children are relieved of their anxieties and fears, the sooner they can enjoy being a child! So many children are bullied because schools really do not have the ability or resources to address the issues in a serious enough way to discourage it. With all the policies and procedures, children are still being bullied and now its even worse with social media making it easier to bully outside of school. Hypnosis can help a child build self- esteem and learn coping skills to empower them to begin to handle the struggles of growing up.

Not all issues can be resolved quickly but children can benefit from early intervention if they are having behavioral problems or anxiety that is affecting their everyday life.

Adolescents have so much pressure on them that it is easier to handle if they resolved their childhood issues before they are adolescents!

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