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Tuesday, October 11 2016
Are You Being Hypnotized?

Are You Being Hypnotized?

One of the most popular comments I get from people about hypnosis is, ‘‘I don’t think I can be hypnotized.’’  It makes sense to me because most people don’t really understand what hypnosis is. I will tell you who does know exactly what hypnosis is; advertising agencies, politicians, political campaign managers and TV personalities on shows that pretend to be news programs but are clearly opinion producing for entertainment. You know exactly what I am referring to, as it has been almost impossible to get any news from the world in the past year from our mainstream media. All the discussion is about who said what and how they responded. 

So, why does the hypnosis fit it? Because a belief is nothing more than a thought that gets repeated over and over again. In order for them to win your mindshare, you have to be subjected to opinions about the candidates over and over again.  One of the most important ways to instill a belief is repetition and passion. When clients come to me to stop smoking, part of the session is my repeating, while they are in trance, “You are a nonsmoker and nothing will make you want to hurt yourself like that again.” In a relaxed state of mind, the subconscious mind is open to suggestions. That’s why hypnosis is so effective; it uses the science of the mind. The more emotion connected to the suggestion, the more effective the result. As you watch the media personalities, (I cannot call them journalists) on TV describe one of the candidates or something someone said about one of them, their tone of voice and their mannerisms create a feeling in you that effects the information they are providing.  Their lack of objectivity and distortion of the truth said with passion is very hypnotic. It doesn’t matter if it is true or not, the purpose is to create a feeling that creates a belief. When you look at the divide in the country politically and how the candidates got us to where we are, you see that there is very little factual information used. It is all emotion.  I’m reminded of an old saying, “My mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with facts!”

Another example of hypnosis by the media is evident in advertising during the Super Bowl. The commercials are less about information and more about the way they make you feel. They manipulate you with a feeling that they want you to have, or that they think you will like and connect it to a product. During this election season we are all treated like we are in a trance with no ability to question the opinions being thrown at us and it is done while we are seeking information.  The trance comes in because as we watch, we are open to suggestion as we are listening to people we trust. The trust was developed when you decided which personalities you could relate to and therefore choose to listen to.  It doesn’t matter what they say, you believe it! The name calling that has been added gives a subliminal message that is slipped in and becomes part of your belief. Even if one calls the other a liar, you never question the one saying it about their level of honesty or integrity. The one calling names becomes the one in control and their integrity is irrelevant as your logical, conscious mind is disengaged. The repetition creates the belief that it is true and takes away all the attention away from what really matters.

These candidates cannot be more different. If you remove the emotion you have been manipulated by and carefully see what each candidate stands for, and seek the logic in what they say they want to do for and to our country, the choice will be based on something besides anger and emotion.

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