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Monday, November 24 2014
 Learn To Enjoy The Holidays Without Anxiety
Learn How to Enjoy The Holidays Without Feeling Anxious

Did you ever wonder why "the holidays" are so stressful? Did you ever consider enjoying the holidays without that feeling? Thanksgiving seems to be the beginning of the "holiday season."  I've already experienced someone telling me, "I can't do anything until after the holidays." Let the frenzy begin! 
Most of the anxiety surrounding the holiday season has been programmed into you. The programming began when you were young and either you experienced it in your family when parents fought more often of were short tempered complaining about the holidays. Some of the anxiety comes from the media bombarding you with gift ideas and shopping pressure about how many days left to shop before Xmas. Other anxiety is actually the stress of being with family that always ends up fighting or not having family to be with at all. Some stress comes from the people around you spreading their stress all around.
How can you maintain your cool and enjoy the season? Begin with learning mindfulness. Being mindful means to be in the moment. It means to use as many of your senses as possible to enjoy that moment. For example eating mindfully means to chew slowly, tasting and savoring each bite. One of my weight loss clients told me that since her hypnosis session she really enjoys the taste of steak now and that she realizes she hadn't tasted her food in a long time. Eating mindfully helps you to notice when you feel 'satisfied' instead of waiting till all the food is gone or feeling uncomfortably stuffed. Another example of mindfulness is to focus on each day and enjoy something about whatever you are doing. Relaxing, reading, even working can be more enjoyable when you focus on the satisfaction of accomplishing a task.
Another way to maintain a feeling of calm is to remember that you cannot control the weather or the people around you but you always have 100% control of the way you allow them to affect you. You always have 100% control of how you respond to them. When you use that control you regain your power to choose how you want to feel.
Because repetition creates beliefs in our subconscious mind, learn to 'reject' the idea that holidays are stressful that everyone around you is expressing.    A belief is just a thought that gets repeated over and over again. You create your new reality by changing what you think. Replace the idea by saying, "I choose to enjoy the holidays and don't see them as stressful." As you repeat that to yourself, it becomes your new belief. Thoughts create feelings and feelings create behaviors. When you change what you think, you change how you feel.  Leave the frenzy to everyone else and enjoy the colors, the crisp fresh air, the giving and sharing and anything else you can find to enjoy during this holiday season. 
We have all heard it said it is better to give than receive. Perhaps random acts of kindness and charity can help you to be mindful of all you have to be grateful for. We all have the power to enjoy the holiday season in any way we can, without feeling anxious or stressed.
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