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Wednesday, May 15 2013

In light of the recent tragedy in Boston, many people are asking the logical question: What is in someone’s mind that drives them to randomly killing innocent people?  The answer, “they” say, is complex. As a certified hypnotist, to me, it is not that complex.

My goal is to help you understand how the mind works. Once you understand the mind, you can get it to work for you instead of against you.

We have two distinctly different minds, conscious and unconscious.

The unconscious is also called  subconscious. The conscious mind is logical, rational and analytical but only a small part of you mind. The unconscious mind, larger, contains emotions, beliefs, habits and memories and cannot distinguish between right and wrong, true or false. Its goal is comfort and protect us. It protects us against danger, real or imagined.

When we are born, our minds are like a blank hard drive of a computer. Our experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly, create our programming.  Throughout our life we get programmed and reprogrammed. Some programming is voluntary;  attending classes, join religious groups, or political groups etc. We expose our selves to those thoughts or beliefs the group. Thoughts create feelings and feelings create behaviors. A belief is a thought that you, or someone else, repeats over and over again.  When that thought comes with passion and comes from someone you respect or feel connected with, it has a lot of power.  Think about the beliefs you have gotten from your parents. Some of them were good and empowering, while others were damaging and filled with unnecessary fears and hate. There are beliefs you got in school from your peers, some were bullies or out of ignorance or jealousy, made you feel insecure.  Sometimes the influence comes from another source, video games, in the case of children and adults who watch them. While watching video games, or TV, we are actually in a state of hypnosis and very susceptible to mind changing feelings.All those old thoughts, feelings and beliefs are kept in the unconscious mind until replaced with a more powerful or compelling belief.  Even though the video experiences are not real, the unconscious mind does not understand that, and there in lies is the danger.

Values are beliefs we hold dear to us and they influence all of our thoughts and feelings. When we behave in a way that goes against our values, we feel guilty. When the thoughts about a behavior are supported by our values, or the values we adopted from someone else, the convictions become stronger and the behaviors appear justified in our mind.  When someone else’s values or opinions are imposed on us, we have a choice. We can reject or accept the opinions of others. When we have poor self esteem, we are easily influenced by others.

When you stop and analyze your self-talk or the thoughts that keep repeating in your mind, ask yourself a few questions: Are the thoughts positive or negative? Who first said that to you? What if they were wrong or mistaken? Are your thoughts or feelings based on old, out dated information that your unconscious mind could not filter? What would you rather think or feel about yourself? Begin by creating a new message in your self-talk that brings you closer to feeling the way you want to feel and disregard all the old thoughts and beliefs that are getting in the way of your personal success.  Self-talk in my business is called self-hypnosis. You can create the reality you want by taking control of your thoughts and beliefs. Do it now, before someone else does!


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