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Tuesday, March 05 2019

If you are feeling unhappy, out of control or just plain miserable there may be some specific reasons you are avoiding asking for help.

Some of the reasons people avoid getting the help they need are that they think they can handle it themselves, or that it will pass. I would ask those people, "How long have you been waiting for that to happen?" Another reason people avoid seeking help is because they don't know where to go or what kind of help is right or most effective. Often people seek help from their doctor who prescribes medication to try to relieve the discomfort of their suffering but they don't want to take medication. The truth, that is difficult sometimes to grasp, is that we all have all the power we need to help ourselves. Regardless of what kind of help one seeks, empowering you to find your own strength and potential to heal is the ultimate goal.

Some believe that no one will understand or that nothing will change. Others fear appearing weak or afraid to admit they feel out of control. When the situation seems unmanageable or hopeless, the belief is often that suffering is the only option.  Because they can't imagine a solution or envision the process of healing, they stay stuck and paralyzed by the fear of the unknown. 

Clients have often told me that they felt desperate and out of control, and that I was their last hope. Many people don't realize that although they cannot control the people around them, or control what situations occur, they have complete control over the way they allow things to affect them, and how they respond. The process of empowering can make the difference between being a victim and being in control of one's own life.

I always make it clear to my clients that I cannot change their lives or their situation but I can help them to change the way they feel about it or the way they perceive it. Because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, once you learn to control and change negative thoughts, you can begin to change your feelings.

I have seen clients who wanted to let go of bad relationships or heal from a break up, as well as those who just work in a toxic environment and feel powerless on their job. The range of powerlessness I have encountered with my clients is vast but the approach is always based on helping to neutralize negative feelings such as anger, fear and sadness to allow for moving forward to a happier life. Hypnosis is not magic and often several sessions are required for the best results.  So although hypnosis is a very effective and powerful tool that anyone can benefit from, it is still often viewed as a last resort. 

So your choice is simple: continue to experience negative feelings or take control of your situation and confront your issues for a, happier, less stressful life.

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Sunday, March 03 2019

As a former health educator, very little surprises me when it comes to teenagers.   However, that has all changed with the news I’m getting about e-cigarettes or jewels or pods or whatever they are called.  I have treated several teens in the past few months to help them ‘kick the habit’ and hypnosis has been a very effective and successful solution.  The reports, however from these students indicate that it is very widespread and is done in school without detection because the smell and vapor from the devices are virtuallyundetectable. Those who I have treated reported to me that they did it all day. They felt very addicted and that feelingscared them. It is being done as young as middle school andis completely out of control in high school.  It has become the rage and is seen as being much less objectionable than cigarettes.  

The scare tactics being used by the schools to dissuade kids from starting are having the unintended consequence ofconvincing many teens that this activity is so addictive that they cannot stop their use of these products once they start.  The ‘pods’ they purchase come in many different flavors and the marketing is directed at kids. I was told by one parent that one of the flavors available is called ‘unicorn milk’. How can anything associated with unicorns be bad? I cannot even imagine how the FDA permitted these devices to be allowed on the market since they are clearly a different delivery system for putting things into the body that aren’t food or nutrients, just chemicals. How harmful they are is yet to be determined because the current generation of users are the guinea pigs! 

I guess the question is: What can be done to help or dissuade kids from using these? The law clearly states that one must be 18 to purchase them but the enforcement of those laws is unfeasible since they can be purchased online.  These devices are far from harmless although they are promoted to help people stop smoking cigarettes. In the endthis is really simply replacing one vice with another. Hypnosis can stop the smoking habit in the most effective painless way but doctors that recommend it are still in the minority. I get many doctor referrals but I hear most commonly that doctors offer Chantix or nicotine patches and gum first. When those don’t work, people resort to hypnosis. It’s hard to imagine that hypnosis wouldn’t be the first choice. I often wonder if doctors get paid for prescribing these awful chemical tobacco substitutes. It’shard to find any other reason for those decisions.

Parents and adults who are concerned about teens, and even preteens, need to be aware of what they are doing.  The teens I helped told me they ‘did it all day.’ They had physical feelings from it that some found frightening, especially when they tried to stop.  Fortunately for those who chose it, hypnosis is very effective in stopping the cravings and dependence on these devices, but the person has to want to quit.  Please pay attention to what your kids are into and communicate with other parents to find support to help these kids make healthier choices.

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