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Healing Hypnosis: Hypnotherapy: Weight loss, Smoking, Anxiety in CT Hypnosis To Lose Weight. Safe, Permanent Results. Hypnotist Fern Tausig.Healing Hypnosis: Quit Smoking Now! Become A Non-Smoker (203)283-4567Healing Hypnosis | Stress Management | Stress Relief | Anxiety ReliefMy Healing Hypnosis |I can't Sleep | Sleep Deprivation| Insomnia| My Healing Hypnosis | Excel In Sports |Improve Your Golf Swing |Hypnotist Fern Tausig helps with pain management, destructive behaviors, improving self-esteem, and other conditions. Free consultation: Call (203)283-4567 Hypnosis; Hypnotherapy: Contact Us (203)283-4567

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Train Your Mind Like Professional Athletes Do...Using Hypnosis!


Hypnosis can help you to..

  • Help you effortlessly break your performance plateaus that you've been struggling to conquer...and then ascending to new heights.
  • Allow you to score the goal...making the shot...bounding past the finish line...finding and overcoming new challenges.
  • Discovering the resources you need within yourself to excel at your sport.
  • Finding the energy to push yourself to new levels of performance.
  • Stay cool and calm under pressure as the timer runs down.
  • Training harder than you've ever trained before.

Sometimes you don't perform well under pressure but do very well in practice. Remove those limiting beliefs with hypnosis by releasing them from your subconscious mind. I can help you be your own coach! All hypnosis is Self Hypnosis...Learn to let go of those negative limiting thoughts that are holding you back!


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