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How can hypnosis help you change your destructive habits? Hypnosis is the most effective way to change habits without drugs. By using the science of the mind, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Have you asked yourself and of the following questions?
     1.  Why am I stuck in this slump?  
     2.  Why can't I lose weight?
     3.  Why can't I stop smoking?
     4.  Why can't I control my drinking?
     5.  Why can't  I stop using these drugs?
The first problem is the question! When you say "why can't I," you are making a statement that says "I can't ."  That is the kind of negative self talk that supports the false belief that you don't have control over your choices. The truth is, of course you can. You are choosing to continue the behavior because it has become a habit.  Habits change all the time.  Think of other habits that you have given up over the years. You choose to do the behavior and therefore you can choose not to!  You must want to change.  The part of you that wants to change wants to protect you and the part of you that wants to continue the behavior is also trying to protect or comfort you.  With hypnosis we get those parts to work together to find ways to please both your parts.

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Article: Why Don't I Make The Right Choices?

By Fern Tausig, CH, CMT


We always have a choice…but, why do we choose one thing but do another? Some people choose to stop smoking but they continue to smoke. Some choose to go on a diet, but they still reach for the ice cream. Then they feel like they have failed themselves and become victims of their habits, fears, desires and feelings.  A vicious cycle, right? Sound familiar? Here is how this can happen to us. You see, we all have a lifetime of programming that is stored in our subconscious minds. This programming begins with our parents, for better or worse, and includes all of our life experiences. Our parents teach us to adopt their beliefs, feel their fears and embrace their values and make them our own. Some of our programming is designed to keep us safe, like learning to look both ways when you cross the street, and some is designed to help us succeed and function appropriately in society.  Unfortunately, some of it accidentally leads to anxiety, fear, self-doubt, and limitations… when you hear your Mother say “Men don’t like chubby women.” As a result of this comment, we can become programmed to believe… “If I am chubby, I am not worthy of a man’s love”, and women need to be acceptable to men. But opinions are learned and that’s obviously a misguided opinion. The good news is, opinions can also be unlearned!  Another part of our programming from birth, is to feel comforted and loved around food. Holidays, birthdays and special events all include lots of fattening foods and drinks. This is just a small sample of the conflicting beliefs and values that make up our subconscious mind. Our negative feelings and self doubt are merely the result of our subconscious programming.


So, how do we choose to change our programming and beliefs? The easiest, quickest and most effective way is with hypnosis. All the self talk we do is self hypnosis and most of it is negative. Every time you look in the mirror and see yourself as fat, and tell yourself you’re fat, you subconsciously continue the cycle to stay fat.  You can’t help yourself because, although you don’t realize it, you’re programming your mind to keep you fat.  But you always have a choice! You can learn how to program yourself to do, be, or have anything you want. As a Consulting Hypnotist I teach clients how to choose the way they want to live.  Through simple, gentle, natural techniques, clients learn how to use their mind to live happier, healthier, more productive lives.  Weight loss is one of the areas that I have helped clients because it is often not what you eat, but what’s eating you that creates unwanted weight. Hypnosis has also been used successfully to eliminate fears, insomnia and bad habits.


You are what you believe and you become what you imagine. Hypnosis is an awesome tool to help you to change your mind, which will change your life. Hypnosis allows you to reprogram those old, useless, negative beliefs.  Hypnosis is not magic, but it sure feels like magic when it works! When you are ready to choose to change your life, you can reach me at (203) 283-4567. Please call if you have any questions about hypnosis can  help change your life or for a free phone consultation.


Why Use Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is very effective in eliminating all types of bad habits by accessing the subconscious mind and removing the need for that habit.

Nail Biting
Nail biting is a negative habit that can be changed with hypnosis by replacing biting nails with other stress reducing techniques.

Teeth Grinding
by Expert Author: Mike Kay

When you grind your teeth, it is called Bruxism. You do it because your jaw muscle is in the habit of remaining tense. Habits are unconscious patterns and because hypnosis works with your subconscious mind, it can help re-educate your brain to relax the main jaw muscle. One of the newer methods devised to treat teeth grinding is hypnosis. Psychiatrists have long used hypnosis to treat behavioral problems. Now they have found a way to make it work for teeth grinding as well. Teeth grinding can be considered as a behavioral concern, although the person who suffers from it doesn't normally realize that they are actually clenching their teeth as they sleep. Nonetheless, they are doing the action so their subconscious behavior is accountable for it.

Whether hypnosis works for teeth grinding depends upon the person. Scientifically speaking, hypnosis works by guiding you to change your behavior, teeth grinding, which is triggered by stress or other factors. When you submit to hypnosis, the hypnotist re-educates the brain and the subconscious mind. They would instruct the brain not to tighten up the jaw muscles so that teeth grinding won't occur. In response, the brain would relax the muscles of the jaws instead. With that mindset, the person would enjoy an undisturbed sleep and an eased jaw.

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